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When you are looking for a pharmacy to join your health management team, look no further than your hometown One to One Pharmacy. We are happy to provide the personalized customer service you want to help manage your health. Our pharmacists and technicians can review your medication records, dosages, and possible side effects or interactions. In addition, we take great care in dispensing your medication, are happy to explain how to administer your meds for the maximum benefit, and answer any other questions you may have including help with insurance or payment options.

One Pack Program

Manage your pills with ease

We understand the daily struggles of taking the right medication at the right time when faced with multiple medications in a cupboard full of pill bottles, or the time, and stress it takes to fill weekly pill trays. Our One pack program avoids all that by supplying easy to open packs prefilled with the correct medications, vitamins and supplements. Your monthly pills arrive in a pullout pack, which is clearly marked with the date and time. Best of all, it is delivered direct to your door at no extra charge to you.


Vitamins and Supplements

Managing your health is important, and our pharmacists and technicians can help by recommending nutritional supplements to support the prescribed medications you are currently taking. We are happy to explain how vitamins, herbs and health foods can assist in gaining the maximum benefit, and answer any questions you may have regarding interactions or side effects. With over 300 brands and 20,000 products, Fullscript is an easy and convenient way to attain these supplemental items.


Pharmacy App – Making Communication Convenient

Powered by RXLocal, our pharmacy app can be used on whatever device is most convenient and can make transferring prescriptions, requesting refills, or making changes to your account as simple as 1*2*3. You can also receive text messages when your items are ready, and conveniently manage your entire family with one account.

One Stop - Once a Month

Medication Synchronization

Minimize trips to the pharmacy with this handy service which can have all of your families’ prescriptions ready to be picked up on the same day.

Durable Medical Equipment

When you need extra help

We carry a wide selection of medical equipment, including ambulatory aids, nebulizers and bathroom equipment.

Convenient Delivery

Direct to your home or your travel site

We offer complimentary in-town delivery, can ship your prescriptions to your home, or to an alternative location if you are traveling or away from home for an extended period of time.

At One to One, we do more than just fill your prescription.

It’s well known that patients with personalized support have better outcomes in their health care journey. So, in addition to helping make medicines affordable and convenient, One to One also provides personalized, expert support to our members as they make health care decisions. We do this because everyone deserves an advocate, and nothing should stand between people and their path to better health.

Medication Adherence

We have several options to assist in ensuring that your prescription is taken in the manner it has been prescribed. Our One Pack program is just one way we help our patients keep track of their medication schedules.

Insurance Assistance

One to One accepts most insurance plans as well as Medicare. When you request a prescription, we can look up your coverage, file claims on your behalf, and check to see if it is covered by your plan.

Private Consultations

Concerned about medication interactions or possible side effects? We are happy to meet with you privately and answer all your questions to ensure that what you are taking is fully meeting your health care needs.